About Us

We are a group of professionals in the area of ​​international trade formed by Graduates in International Trade, Customs Brokers and Customs Agents, united in order to simplify to the individual and SMEs all stages of international logistics, minimizing costs and time.

MISSION: Simplify Foreign Trade

Open-Ways Foreign Trade, Concentrates in a single operator, all the activities related to international logistics so that their merchandise can leave or enter a country in the shortest possible time.

VISION: Time-Benefit Ratio

Our goal is to accompany them from their beginnings, helping them to achieve business contacts abroad, making the necessary documentation controls and reviewing the conditions in which their purchases or sales will take place, we carry out the shipping coordination from and to Argentina, hiring on your own and order the most competitive freight rates and the appropriate means of transport for your cargo, we help you to realize your costs for nationalization or export price for the different export markets, we advise on the customs regulations so that your merchandise enters To the country and finally, we carry out all customs procedures to dispatch your export or import charges.

VALUES: Principle of commitment

Our activities are based on principles of honesty, seriousness, responsibility, speed, in order to create links with our clients that will last over time.